Men in Mission


Women of the ELCA


 Bible & Brew

Huff Brewing Co.
9805 Koehn Rd.
Bellville, TX 77418
This group for the men of St. John meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm at Huff Brewing Co.
This is a bible study group that uses the Master Builders Bible but any bible will do. Copies of the Master Builders Bible are available for sale if you would like one.
The main goal of this group is to promote fellowship through bible study.

Stephen Ministry

Members of this group provide confidential emotional & spiritual support during times of need. You are required to go through 50 hours of training over a 20 week period.
The group meets once a month for support and Bible study. You will need to purchase one study book per year.
Each caregiver meets with their care receiver(s) as often or as little as needed. The timing is decided upon between each pair individually.

Sunday School Volunteers

Sunday school teachers for the two-year-old through fifth grade classes volunteer on a rotational basis. They sign-up for the Sundays that they would prefer to teach. This helps us to prevent individuals from burning out as they do not have to teach every single week.
Adult Sunday School Class
Our Adult Sunday School class meets Sunday at the same as our other Sunday school classes. It is a adult forum style class led by our Pastor or another adult leader. They study a variety of topics around the bible and faith to grow their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple.
Children’s Sunday School
     2 year-old – 5th grade
Classes are overseen by the Sunday School Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator. Coordinators commit to two years of service at a time. The first year is served in the Assistant position followed by one year as the main Coordinator.
     6th grade – 8th grade
This class is for kids who are involved in the Confirmation program. For more information on this program see the Confirmation Page here.
This class is currently run by Shazta Krupala.
     9th grade – 12th grade
This class for High School students is currently run by Jennifer Krumrey.