We believe in the power of prayer and are always happy to pray for people. Please fill out the information below. If you want someone added to the church’s prayer list please make sure you have their permission. If you would like Pastor Bell to pray for your concern privately, please mark that as well.

Please ensure that you read all the options available within the form. There are options for your prayer to be publicly displayed on this page or remain off of it, post your name or email or phone with it or not, etc. 

As far as Church Staff are concerned, only Pastor and Vickie will have access to those.


Welcome to our Prayer Wall. We believe the prayers of the community make a difference. Please do not share anyone’s information without permission. You can post your prayer requests for the public to join in prayer. Please be aware any prayer request posted to this page can be seen by anyone visiting this page.

No prayers submitted to the public have been approved by our administrators yet.