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worship times

St. John Lutheran offers a variety of worship and music styles every weekend. 

  • Informal Worship

    Saturday evenings at 6 pm.

    This service offers a convenient time and relaxed setting, so come dressed as you are. There are hymns in a variety of styles accompanied mostly by piano. The special music is provided on a rotation by our Gospel Singers and New Song Choir. You are welcome here.

  • Traditional Worship

    Sunday mornings at 8 am. 

    This service provides a formal liturgy which features song and chant. The pastor and other worship leaders dress in liturgical robes. Some people dress up and others do not; it's your choice. There are hymns in a variety of styles accompanied by organ or piano. The special music is provided on a rotation by our Senior Choir and Men’s Choir. You are welcome here.

  • Sunday School

    Sunday mornings at 9:15 am.

    St John offers an Adult Sunday School class as well as classes for children from two years old up through the age of 18.

    For more information on how to volunteer for this ministry go here.

  • Contemporary Worship

    Sunday mornings at 10:30

    This service is a much more flexible worship experience. The music comes from all over the spectrum from praise and worship to contemporary “hymns” to folk and global music; songs are accompanied by piano or band. The special music is provided by our Voices of Praise Choir, and our Children and Youth Choirs. This service is especially geared towards family with children. Come dressed as you are. You are welcome here.

worship assistants

It takes a number of volunteers to make worship happen here at St. John each week. From kids to adults, we involve as many willing members as possible. Their titles, descriptions, and age ranges may be found below.


Lights the altar candles and assists with communion as needed. Youth Grades 5-8 are welcome. 

Assisting Minister: 

Reads the prayers of intercession and assists the pastor in serving communion to the congregation. Youth in grades 6 and above and all adults are welcome.

Communion Assistants: 

Assist with communion by serving the wine/grape juice. High school students and all adults are welcome.

Computer Operator: 

Guides all visuals and worship screens. High school students and all adults are welcome.


Welcome people to worship and help them find their way around the church buildings.


Reads the lesson(s) that pair with the Preaching Text each week. All ages are welcome.

Sound Board Operator:

Adjusts our sound board as needed during worship. High school students and all adults are welcome.


Seat our guests and add additional seating as needed. They also help to collect our offerings during worship. All adults are welcome, see the office to be added to a team.

Video Ministry Team:

Records and streams the sermons and any other worship parts as directed. Confirmation students, High School students, and all adults are welcome.

Find something you would like to help with? Need more information or guidance? Contact Pastor Bell in the office! 

Current Worship Assistant Schedule: