confirmation class

Confirmation Class is for those who are in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. 

Confirmation class is a program designed to teach our youth the important basics of our faith. 

Based on the outline given by Martin Luther in the Small Catechism, we use 21st

Century technology and techniques to pass on our ancient faith. 

This program involves both the students and their parents or guardians.

Contact Pastor Bell for more information or to inquire about your child(ren) attending.

FALL schedule:

CONFIRMATION CLASS CALENDAR Fall 2020 – 10 Commandments Curriculum – 

The Bible & Pastor Bell’s Nerdiness

Community Meal at 5:50 pm    Classes start at 6:15 pm in Faith Center

Quick classes, done by 6:45 pm. Lessons only this semester due to COVID-19. 

Also Movie Nights with ALL YOUTH. 


Aug. 30 Parents Meeting 9:15 – Review of Calendar and Requirements

Sept. 16 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – First

Sept. 20 Confirmation Sunday at Retreat Center

Sept. 23 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – Second

Sept 30 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM Movie Night with LYO!!

Oct. 7 Austin County Fair Shows – No Class

Oct. 14 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – Fourth

Oct 18 Oktoberfest Outdoor Worship

Oct. 21 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – Fifth

Oct. 28 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM Movie Night with LYO!!

Nov. 4 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – Seventh

Nov. 11 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – Eighth

Nov. 18 Weds. Meal 5:50 PM, Class 6:15 – 9th & 10th

Nov. 25 Thanksgiving – Eat Lots of Food – No Class

Dec. 2 Christmas Party – Pandemic Permitting

Dec. 4 Small Town Christmas Parade Caroling!!


St. John Lutheran Confirmation 2020 - 2021

Events and Expectations

1) 7th & 8th grade students will serve as acolytes and assisting ministers as scheduled. 6th graders will serve as acolytes as scheduled. Check your newsletters and emails for schedules.  

2) Regular worship attendance expected for all students and parents/guardians. Adults, your habits are the model that the youth follow.  

3) Students will attend every Weds. night class. 4 Parents/guardians will attend each class in rotation for safety and to help encourage small group discussions.


4) Parents will also help prepare, serve, and clean up for 1 meal during the fall. THIS IS UP IN THE AIR.  

5) 9 Service Points in total must be completed during fall and spring. This includes service work done at the church and in our community. Chores for family do not count. Also 1 point will be earned by a parent/guardian helping with a fundraiser throughout the year. TBD what those fundraisers will look like. Service hours must be reported on a Sermon Note sheet.

6) Sermon Notes - 6 due from all 6th - 8th graders between August 25th & December 29th. They will be more interactive and pertain to each service. Sermon notes can be written or completed through the St. John App. THEY WILL CHANGE EVERY WEEK. All sermon notes not completed in the fall will be added to the spring total. Those who fail to do all required sermon notes will not be confirmed.

7) YOU must report all sermon notes or service points. If you don’t, I can’t count them. I am not all knowing.  

8) All Jr. High Students are required to help with Meals on Wheels on Saturday Feb. 20th. This is part of St. John serving the community. This is a 6-month notice. Write it down and please don’t text me the week before with excuses.

9) Each student must attend one week of camp or a Jr. High weekend retreat at Lutherhill. This may happen either of the summers between their 6th & 8th grade years or after their 8th grade year. St. John Lutheran covers approx. half the cost. Assuming COVID abates by next summer.

10) All 8th grade confirmation students will complete a 2 page, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced with 1” margins, statement of faith. The statement should lead off with a biblical verse selected by the student and will reflect on faith-forming questions. This statement is due before Confirmation Sunday. Don’t worry about it for now.

11) All 6th graders will complete a faith statement in the fall. This is due by Thanksgiving weekend. The statement will lead off with a biblical verse selected by the student with the help of a parent/guardian. They will answer the questions: a.) Who helped form the student’s faith? Who influenced them? b.) How has their faith shaped and affected their life until now? c.) How do they see their faith informing their life in the future? Include how it will affect their work life, family life, and how they will participate in their community.

12) Confirmation Sunday is May 2, 2021.

confirmation meeting:

This year's meeting has already taken place. If you have any questions or need to talk about Confirmation please contact Pastor Bell.