confirmation class

Confirmation Class is for those who are in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. 

Confirmation class is a program designed to teach our youth the important basics of our faith. 

Based on the outline given by Martin Luther in the Small Catechism, we use 21st

Century technology and techniques to pass on our ancient faith. 

This program involves both the students and their parents or guardians.

Contact Pastor Bell for more information or to inquire about your child(ren) attending.

FALL schedule:


St. John Lutheran Confirmation 2018- 2019

Events and Expectations

1) 7th & 8th grade students will serve as acolytes and Asst. Ministers as scheduled. 6th graders will serve acolytes as scheduled. Check your newsletters and emails.

2) Regular Worship attendance expected for all students and Parents/Guardians.

3) Students & 4 Adults will attend every Weds. Night Class.

4) 9 Service Points total must be completed during Fall and Spring. This includes service done at church and in the community. Chores done for family do not count. 6th graders need not complete service points. Service hours must be reported on Sermon Note sheet.

5) Sermon Notes - 6 due from all 6th -8th graders between January 6th & May 19th (there are about 30 possible Weekend, Lent, and Holy Week Sermons to choose from). Paper copies will always be available in the sacristy. (Sermon notes can be written or done through the St. John App.) Any sermon notes not completed in Fall will be added to Spring total. Those who fail to do all required sermon notes will not be confirmed.

6) I WILL keep track of requirements. YOU must report them and turn them in on the sermon note sheets or the app. If you don’t, I can’t count them. I lack omniscience. 

7) Pastor Bell & any other teachers will do his/their best to make classes interesting, fun, and meaningful. We will not waste your time. Students will respect teachers, adults, and each other. They will not waste your time.

8) Each student must attend one week of camp, or a Jr. High weekend retreat at Lutherhill. This may happen either of the summers between their 6th & 8th grade years (preferably) or after their 8th grade year.

9) Parents will be diligent in bringing children to classes and worship and model good worship, stewardship, & study habits of their own. 4 Parents/guardians will attend each class in rotation to help lead small group discussion and help monitor behavior.

10) All 8th grade confirmation students will complete a 2 page, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced with 1” margins, statement of faith. The statement will lead off with a biblical verse selected by the student with the  help of a parent/guardian and will reflect on a.) Who helped form the student’s faith? Who influenced them? b.) How had their faith shaped and affected their life till now? c.) How do they see their faith informing their life in the future, including how it will affect their work life, their family life and how they will participate in their community?

confirmation meeting:

Parents and/or guardians will meet on xxx to go over information for this year's classes.

If you cannot attend, please contact Pastor Bell to ensure that you get everything that you need for this coming year.