pastor andrew bell

As the lead pastor of St. John, Andrew helps shape the overall mission of the congregation along with the church council and lay leaders. He also leads our 3 worship services, visits our members, teaches both adults and youth, oversees the church staff, volunteers in the community, and represents St John out in the community and the wider world. 

Pastor Bell grew up as a Lutheran pastor’s kid in Lordstown, OH. He met his wife, Angela, at Youngstown State where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2005. They married in 2006 after which he attended the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg where he concentrated on Town & Country ministry and graduated in 2010.

“Before coming to St. John, I served a congregation in western North Carolina for 4 years. Angela and I have three children: our daughter, Kalina and twin boys, Isaac and Marek, who are all pure chaos and love. I am an avid reader, enjoy hiking, traveling with my family, and watching movies. As a pastor I have a particular love for preaching and teaching as well as helping people grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. I am always happy to meet with anyone to talk about life & faith; just contact me to set up an appointment. If you’d like someone to pray with you or for you, or would like a visit please let me know.”


Marshall thompson

I am a father of 3 wonderful college age children Ry, Violet, and Azur. With me here is my beautiful wife, Sara.

I started playing organ at Immaculate Conception Church in Springfield, MO at the age of 13 and continued to do so from 1984-1991. I also taught piano from the age of 16 to as many as 25 private students. I attended Springfield Catholic High School and Southwest Missouri State on a Piano Performance Scholarship where along with piano, I sang in two choirs, made time for conducting and composing instruction, and played in local clubs both original songs along with country and pop covers.

In Los Angeles, from 1991, I pursued music full time. Having been born there and having close family, it was easier to settle in as opposed to jumping off a bus with a suitcase. I attended recording school and worked production and editing both sound and video at Network Telephone Services. I also continued to teach piano part time as well as playing wherever I could. My 1st cross country tour was with the “Nobody For President” tour in 1992 starting from San Francisco and ending at Lafayette Park across from the White House on Election Day. From then I worked mainly as a keyboardist for a variety of artists recording and touring from beginners to Grammy Award winners and achieved an Independent Music Award (IMA’s) for an original song in 2006. I started as choir director and organist at Palisades Lutheran Church in 2008 eventually leading to a Music Director position there. Sara and I continue to write and record songs and I pray that my experience is useful here at St John’s for what is and what is to come. 


Vickie Funderburk

Vickie has worked as the Office Administrator here at St. John since May, 2001.

“I have been a member of St. John from the time I was baptized in January, 1963 until January, 2010. In October of 2009, my family and I moved to Montgomery, Texas for my husband’s job. My husband, Keith and I have 2 children, Lauren and Austin. I love working here at St. John and the opportunity it gives me to share God’s Love with all who come through the doors. I invite you to come in and let me show you what St. John has to offer you and your family.”


Joy Seidel

Joy was born and raised in Houston, Texas and baptized and confirmed at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. She then moved to Bellville as a freshman in high school and joined St John Lutheran Church in January 1963. Joy then graduated from Bellville High School and attended Blinn College. She worked for attorneys Dan Hruska, Bob Goodwin, and Larry Macha for 36 years. She has two children and two grandchildren.

Joy began working for St John Lutheran Church on February 27, 2006. As our  Administrative Assistant, her responsibilities include creating the weekly bulletins, announcement sheets, and attendance records.

“I am always available to help others with other miscellaneous tasks around the church.”


tracye lassus

Hello! I’m Tracye Lassus, one of the new Youth Leaders. Born and raised in Ballinger, TX, small town living is natural for me. After graduating Texas Tech in 1997, I worked in banking in Houston where I met my husband, Randy. Our daughter, Lauren was 3 when we decided to move to Bellville in 2009. Luke arrived the next year and we joined St. John Lutheran in 2011. We wanted a home church that the entire family could be involved in together. 

I dove straight into the deep end, as I became the Camp Hope Coordinator. I guided Camp Hope for 4 years as a volunteer. I LOVE working with the children in our community. During this time, I also served on the Search Committee for our Youth Director, as well as, teaching Sunday School, and a MAD Club volunteer.  Now I’m leading MAD Club with kids from Kindergarten-5th grade and will coordinate Camp Hope 2020. 

You might also see me leading dance fitness in the Faith Center at our REFIT®️Bellville classes held here. In my spare time, I love to read, organize, craft, watch movies, swim, and spend time with my family, friends, and our dog, Blue. I’m looking forward to planting more seeds about God’s love in our youth, and watering those seeds that were already planted.  


Shazta krupala

Hi!! My name is Shazta Krupala and I am the new Youth Director for Junior High

and High School here at St. John. 

Just a little bit about me: I was born in Bellville just a short time ago in 1983; wink wink. I am the daughter of Jamie and Leslie Krupala. I have three beautiful children; two at home, Lillian and Waylen, and my oldest, Brianna, is

college age. My best friend is my grandmother, Pat Krupala. We all live here in Bellville , Texas. Even though I attended Sunday School when I was little bitty here at St. John, I became a Lutheran at 11 years old at St. Paul’s in Columbus. My pastor there, Pastor John Hunsicker, and his wife Joan, were huge influences in my upbringing and were definitely a major part of molding my faith to what it is today! 

Through life challenges, I moved back to Bellville with my children and joined St. John three years ago. I am so

very very grateful for my church family here and I know God pushed me to find my way  into services for the Lord. I truly feel like I have a second home here, I feel needed, I feel loved and most of all, I feel like I belong. These feelings I have about our church and church family show exactly how I want our youth to feel; it’s what I teach and pray for


If you get a chance, take a peek in the LYO and Confirmation rooms. Between a  few volunteers and myself, we have really put together a great meeting space for these kiddos. Both age groups have amazing schedules that include local service work once a month. I am so very excited for this new year and what all we have planned for some

pretty awesome young adults!!